Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday is my favorite day. Here are some of my favorite things. Some are new discoveries. Some are new interests. Some are classics.

  • Mug Rugs – The name has a somewhat naughty connotation or maybe I am just a bit twisted. They are fabric coasters made for your cofffee mug so the heat from the Magic Bean doesn’t damage your faux wood veneer desk or table. These are my first foray into rug for mug making.

  • Sundance catalogs and especially the jewelry catalog. I got my Blunnie boots through this catalog, too. They are close to a decade old and weather very well. Mind you, I live in Florida and wear them decoratively. I know they are traditionally work boots. They are awesome.

  • Marwencol premiered on PBS last night:¬†captivating and mesmerizing. Watch the trailer here…..
  • dinner time by Jan Pienkowski is one of the best pop up books EVER.
  • Prada’s fragrance Lea’u ambree, which is my new perfume. I dislike the packaging. The lotion should come in a larger size with a pump or be squeezable.
  • Clarisonic Mia. Exfoliation extraordinaire. My face is happier. I use it with my Dermalogic cleanser.
  • fresh herbs when I cook enhance ANYTHING and make it better. I used fresh dill in my tzatziki sauce. I cooked a fabulous leg o’ lamb for Easter. I trimmed all the fat off the lamb and then placed it in a brine of water, course salt(half the amount), brown sugar, 10 cloves of garlic, mustard seed, coriander seed, balsamic vinegar, dried thyme and fresh large springs of rosemary. I then encrusted it in a paste of garlic, finely grated fresh lemon rind and rosemary. I stabbed 50 or more deep cuts into the meat and stuffed the paste down into the leg. I roasted it (covered) to an internal temperature of 128F and let it set on the stove for 30 minutes before cutting. It was deeelish. I served it with the tzatziki sauce, fresh¬† yeast rolls and other fresh made goodies.

  • breaking bread with family and friends…cooking an Easter dinner and serving my family and a few friends was precious. And letting the boys (mainly E) eat Easter Basket Buffet for breakfast. I promise he had no cavities at his last dentist check up.
  • Ghiradelli chocolate chocolate muffins. While they are a boxed muffin mix. They are like tiny servings of ecstasy. A cheap thrill.¬† The ones on the left I baked this morning. The other two are various permutations of the same muffin. They make GREAT cupcakes.

  • home packed lunches – I hate hunting and gathering my mid-day meal. A true hassle. Lunch during the work week is FUEL. I am wise to pack my food and eliminate the hypoglycemic annoyance of needing food but being too ornery to figure out what to eat.
  • My job/career/vocation – I really love what I do. I love medicine. I am still enthusiastic and excited and a science geek. I like discovery and challenges. Even is crushing economic times, I love running my own business. Even as healthcare (what an oxymoron…..aka the health industrial complex) grinds on us peons on the front lines…I love it. I love being a small business owner and giving some protection to my small cadre of employees. We are a a great team.

Happy Wednesday Folks!

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