So often, we get fixated on that which confronts us, the obstacle ahead, the barrier and the sheer faced wall. It seems insurmountable. It often occurs unanticipated, out of the blue and we screech to a halt. Impasse. We slide into reverse and back up. Worse, we often turn around and give up completely. What’s the use? Who were we kidding?

Except the thing we want most, the place we have long desired, is on the other side!

We initially set off up the side of the mountain, maneuvering the switch backs, aiming for the single lane that threads over the summit to the other side. This was the road we planned and plotted. We knew it was arduous. We had no way to know about the mudslide shaving the road off the side of the mountain. Or that tractor that came around the tight curveĀ  headed right towards us.

So we back up and reassess. We find a new path. Sometimes we have to drive north quite a ways to reach the next pass. Not what we planned but our only other choice was to just go home and abandon the adventure. Do we really want to go to that place on the other side? Hell yes!

I am not put off by traffic, rock slides, wash outs, artillery assaults, flat tires or ACME cartoon manholes. I have tricks and tools and tenacity on my side. I’ll use my side view mirrors and turn signals.

I’ll ride the brake. I’ll pull over and rest if I am road weary. But I am not quitting and I will not be deterred. I understand that rock slides happen. I might even get caught in one, damaged slightly. But I won’t get flattened. I also can’t stop a rock slide. I am no longer foolish or idealistic enough to bother trying. I will step back, seek cover and then I’ll pick my way around the debris and return to my pre-planned itinerary.





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