The definition of a good weekend varies for each person. I have many versions of a good weekend. A good weekend can be time spent with my kids doing something fun. Evan and I made cookies on Saturday which he, his brother and cousin promptly ate into extinction. A good weekend can be fabulous weather and few places could have beaten the sunny, breezy, 70F north Florida spring weekend we had the last two days. A good weekend can be finding the time to do a favorite task. Local strawberries are at peak and two fresh flats of  the ruby reds made 30 half-pints of jam. A good weekend can be a favorite meal and I don’t think a better slice of pizza exists in north Florida than at Satchel’s. The sauce is a little spicy and the crust is a little garlicky. Picked up pipin’ hot over on Waldo Road, the pizza was a perfect temperature for immediate consumption 15 minutes later when we got home. A good weekend is a trashy audio book on my iPod and time to quilt. All of the small blocks are complete. They have to be squared to perfect 6 inches and then the larger blocks can be assembled.

A good weekend is the beginning of daylight savings time and sunshine until past 8pm. A good weekend is many things. I had many versions of a good weekend rolled up into one fine two day span. My brain thinks it is 11pm. A good weekend ends with a great night of sleep on Sunday.

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