Give or take

No Buy February succeeded and exceeded my expectations. My next step is to expand the idea. I am reading Mary Carlomango’s book Give It Up!

A bit of light reading that stimulates deep introspection. Twelve months of giving up. I understand and appreciate the idea of sacrifice. I also believe in the human capacity to change and evolve, to learn and adapt. In my continued desire to shift the focus and perspective of my existence, I prefer to reframe some things. While I know I learn from adversity, I pray and petition for the option to learn my lessons by some method other than a 2×4 to the forehead. My mule-ish, stubborn, thick-headed nature often needs force to make changes. But I want to be given other options. And so…..instead of this idea of giving up things, I want to focus each month on taking up. I think that by taking on new patterns I can change things about myself long held as default standards. In January, I trid to focus on something beautiful everyday. This shifted me from that critical judge who finds fault or error in every detail. In February I promised to be frugal with my finances while focusing on love and loving. I spent so much of my month considering how I “spend” and on what I have “spent”. And it wasn’t just the spending of money but also of affection and my heart. There is an inverse relationship between money and love. Your money grows the less you spend it. You love grows the MORE you spend it. I can be very frugal with my wallet. I can be down right stingy with my heart. Love never thrives if it’s stuffed in a mattress (and neither does money).

In March, I will take on something else. I have yet to decide. I want to practice new things that will make me a better and stronger person. March will be something new.

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