From the oven

I took a long weekend to combat an entrenched cough. The oak trees began their pollen release, coating everything in yellow dust, including my sinuses and airways. I can’t discern pollen tinged runny nose from infection and irregardless, I felt quite ill. Over the long, quiet weekend I did a bit of baking, trying a few of the recipes earmarked but untried.

The walnut bread’s biscotti shape was a disappointment but a consequence of me letting it over-rise. When I put it in the oven, it collapsed. It was still tasty and I will make it again but add more walnuts and maybe some dried fruit.

The homemade fig newtons are not exact replicas of the store bought versions, but very good. The dough is a bit mushy and next time I will split the dough in half . I also think the filling would be great with apricots. The flattening that happened with baking was unexpected, but I’ll make these again.

These cookies have been one my list to make for two years. Gourmet printed this recipe as a Christmas cookie and I think they are so pretty. Finding roasted but unsalted pistachios is impossible. I rinsed off all the salt and dried them before use.

The cookies will all go to work with me tomorrow in thanks for the long weekend coverage.

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