Moving Day

I relocated my website to Dreamhost, thus the reason for my vanishing act. Now, I’ll have total access and content control. Up to this point I’ve been dependent on other people to do my WordPress and Akismet updates or change my header pictures. A friend who is far more technically savvy and can assist in the FTP business promises the occasional assistance.

But moving days are distressing. Will they break the china? Will all my treasures make the crossing? An old family member took a job with the Department of Defense many years ago and she packed up all her possessions, including a CAR into cargo containers. The D.O.D. loaded her cargo containers onto a shipping tanker and they sailed away…..right into a hurricane. For more than a month, all of her worldly possessions were somewhere between America and Japan…….when you have no choice, you have to learn to just let go of things, right?

It’s Spring Cleaning time. The blog will be changing. I am thinking of archiving a fair amount. It’s time to move on. Redecorate. Learn new tricks. My friend and fellow blogger, Barb wondered aloud if anyone out here in the ether “got” her. She (like me) never really knows except for the occasional affirmation in the form of a comment. She got a big validation from the people at The River of Stones, wanting one of her postings for their upcoming book. THAT is the uber gold start. Publication. I am thrilled for her.

And like Barb, I am having a bit of my own identity crisis. I believe the transition is over, I ‘m in a new place, a new phase. The blank canvas of Realisa permitted me a place to process externally. It holds me accountable, because once I put it out here in the digital world….I can’t take it back. I have to own it. Have I, at various times, cringed or fretted what I have posted? Have I worried what others would think or how it might be interpreted? Certainly…..but if I am honest with MYSELF…..which was the whole purpose of this space….I have done some good work here. And I saved myself a shit ton of money that otherwise would have gone to a therapist at $110/hour.

I am a backyard philosopher, a contemplative satirist, a quick wit and a humble servant. I love beauty and whimsy. I want to acknowledge it. I am crafty and creative. I am a bouillabaisse of scientific thinking, logic, domestic arts, creative vision and flat out cast iron skillet sarcasm. I lovelovelove medicine and the human condition. I lovelovelove my patients and my “day job” of which I rarely write (and that won’t change)…but I am more than that, much more. I am mother, self-taught gourmet chef, top-notch baker, quilter, voracious reader, intellectual. I am also deeply faithful although at the moment a pseudo-practicing Catholic who leans to the left politically. I have always been left leaning but would reluctantly call myself a feminist. I don’t think men and women are equal…cuz men can’t have babies or breast feed and women can’t write their names in the snow with pee (not legibly). I like the differences between the sexes. I am also a writer. I have a voice. I have a head full of ideas and I tell a good story.

The next chapter of my own story is starting now.

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