Saturday morning, sweetness
beyond measure and sensation
Fog blankets the land that wakes slowly
birds sing light and happily
starting without the sun

I started cutting the fabric for my new Bento quilt. I haven’t decided if sewing will commence, but I want the strips and squares all cut. Cutting takes the lion share of time. Well, actually, the most time consumed when making a quilt is starting, the act of beginning. True of any new creative project, it is the conversion of thought to action, vision to tangible, dream to reality that uses the majority of time. Once you pull the lever, creation cascades forth, self-perpetuating. Stopping requires brakes: self-control, doubt, fear.

The training wheels for developing my creativity are these smaller projects. Create a quilt, bake a braided loaf of Swedish pulla, work on this blog and the accumulation of successfully completed projects amounts to a confidence that larger projects can be tackled and achieved. If I can make the quilt I see in my head, then I can make other dreams real, too. I simply need to step into the process and begin.

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