5 Daily Essentials

I wasn’t tagged but I will tag along. I read here, here and then here about the game of tag. I liked this game and would’ve liked to join. I’ll pretend and make my own list. These are my Five Daily Essentials, things I simply either can’t live without or am such a grump you don’t want me to skip them. I won’t list breathing, eating, bathroom privileges or coffee. I think these are obvious requirements for human existence.

1. A morning shower. I shower in the morning. Even if I shower at night, I re-shower in the morning. I shower fast, Speedy Gonzalez fast. But I shower.

2. Earrings. I keep a spare pair in my wallet and another in my desk at work, just in case I leave the house without a pair. I can skip other jewelry and even my watch, but I feel earrings are essential.

3. Lunch. Something for lunch. I usually pack lunch on work days. I usually pack the SAME lunch on workdays, but I must have lunch. I can make do with a Clif Bar for breakfast and a bowl of cereal for dinner. Lunch I can’t skip.

4. Music. I listen to music at some point everyday: while working, while exercising, while writing, while driving.

5. Contact. I can’t go a whole day without contact with someone, even if it is one way and unanswered.  I will text, send an email, write a card or letter. I will start a light-hearted conversation over lunch with a co-worker. I will comment on another person’s blog. It helps to get an answer, but it is not essential. What is essential is that I reach out and touch another person’s existence.

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