River of Stones: Day 27

“Mommy, come here!”


I walked through the front door, left unlocked knowing I would be coming to pick up the boys. The press of time was alleviated by the canceled meeting but I still had a ticker tape list scrolling by of all that still needed to be done before the day was too. I hesitate inside the door to pet the smoke colored house cat whose face looks like a pug. I hear from the other room, “Mommy come here!” Spoken in a feigned childish voice, a soft plea of pretending to be little, my older son is calling me. “Come lay down”, he says as he scootches over to make room for me to lie down behind him on the sofa. He pulls my arm over him and holds on tight. He smells lovely, the faint smell of laundry dryer sheets mixed with boy. My boy.

He’s taller than me. I’m 5′ 8″ and he clears at least an inch above that. And he wants me to lie down and Pringle.

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