New finds

It’s late on Sunday afternoon and it has been a truly lovely day. What a wonderful way to start this week! It will be a very busy week, too. Chock-a-block full: full office schedule, evening meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; kid appointment Thursday, too. Somewhere in there I have to squeeze “play” time: exercise and writing. I actually revel in weeks like this, they compliment my nature. At week’s end, I look back and like the accomplishment of taking care of my business.

I made some new discoveries this week I thought I might share:

  • I have no idea what they say in the lyrics, but I love the sound of this group’s music. I tunneled through iTunes and stumbled on them. Very lovely sound. And I have made my new playlist for writing that includes Niyaz along with these artists: Karsh Kale, Loreena McKennitt, Salif Kaita, Tosca, Andre Gagnon, Daft Punk and Victoire.
  • ARN, a Swedish film made in 2007. It’s on Netflix and the subtitles are minimal.
  • Bon Appetit’s most recent issue that has the Cocoa Brownies with Browned butter and walnuts. The pictures alone are devastating to a diet.
  • The Bobcats on The Oatmeal…for cat lovers, its very funny.
  • The Sun Magazine….a literary rival for Garden&Gun and Dwell… other naughty magazine addictions.
  • Downton Abbey on PBS. Episode 3 plays tonight, but if you want to watch the first two episodes, you can watch them online at

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