Have at it

River of Stone: day 31

Where does a river stop? Does it have an ending point? A damn will transform a river into a wide lake, but the vein still exists. Bust the dam and the river rushes ahead unbound and determined to finds it ancient way. Environmentalists petition and advocate for natural river restoration. Accumulated at the head waters, see what obstruct flow right at the source the detritus along the river’s banks? See the man made embankment, all those artificial outcroppings that mimic the natural world.  Leave some, bust up others and make way. There is a force long restricted deep in the earth, at a source undefinable. I want at it! Not the source but the force; white water and turbulence, still water, slick as glass on the surface.  The river will slow to shallow, ankle deep eddies with smoothed stones and aquatic flora. But the river does not stop. A trickling ribbon between pebbles the river seeps through the firmament and returns to its source. Or the river is transformed, evaporated, cycled back to the snow capped mountains, awaiting the spring thaw.

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