Out of Sorts

While I attempted…and I haven’t given up yet….to consolidate all my photographs onto an external hard drive, I discovered that I have many, many, many copies of things. I am definitely a sorter and not a lumper. In life, people can be defined as lumpers or sorters. I would have been the psychotic secretary that makes copies of the itemized budget and then place a copy in EVERY FOLDER for every item on the budget. Madness. The original would be in the file labeled [BUDGETS] but the replicas would populate everywhere else. Thus how I get 8 copies of the same picture. Anyways….I crashed Visipics. It fell into status epilepticus 12 times seizing up my PC. I have now resorted to going through each subfolder and finding duplicates…..and yes….somehow my logic made copies of the same picture in the SAME folder. Go figure. So…..I have found a new way.

Isn’t it always the case that from chaos comes new creation? From stress comes evolution (or mutation)?

I have upgraded my Flickr to a pro account. I can sort and privatize pictures I can leave my personal pictures on my PC and upload all my food, plants, artistic and crafty things. I bogart this idea from the stunning and seductive Flickr collection on Chiot’s Run. I am captivated y beauty, truly enthralled. I want to be the purveyor of something beautiful. Filling one’s eyes and mind with beauty shifts away from all that is negative, ugly, diminishing and taxing. Beauty lifts us up, lightens our hearts, adds a buoyancy to our spirits.

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