For me?

Giving gifts is pure joy. I do not think I could be a professional shopper, buying gifts for clients. I have to know a person to get them a proper gift. I do not think a gift, just for the sake of handing the other person a package, is worthy. It is not a true gift. It feels obligatory. As we approach the Christmas season and all the frenzy mayhem and consumption, I pause. Every year the pause lengthens. Now that my sons are older and almost past the toys and presents left in the night under the tree, I tend to focus more on the meaningful gift. Their four year age difference created a bit of disparity because the older boy is definitely past Bakugan and Beyblades.

And gift giving does not have to be expensive. It does have to be mindful. One year I made firestarters for friends with fireplaces. The cost was the block of wax and some time and freezer space to expedite the process. I have also made cookie dough that could be stashed in the freezer and used later, long after the holidays have passed…and just in time to challenge the New Year resolutions.

We do not give ourselves gifts often enough. We buy what is needed. We stick to the necessities. But once your children are christened, the gift GETTING opportunities dwindle. And so, we have to learn to give ourselves the little treats.These are things I buy myself randomly (put repeatedly).

  • Highlander Grogg coffee purchased locally at Kitchen & Spice
  • Ocean hand soap by Mangiacotti
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom candles
  • fresh raspberries or champagne grapes
  • an iTunes random Genius suggestion downloaded, my most recent is Brandon Flowers’ solo album
  • an audible book downloaded, Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown
  • a new bottle of OPI nail polish… now sold at Publix fo $7.99. Score!
  • Dermalogic hand cream
  • a pistachio pinwheel from Uppercrust
  • Cranberry chipotle cheddar cheese and water crackers

What do you give yourself as a treat?

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