Door #2

Shifting yourself out of your comfort zone results in the most unexpected outcomes. Thrust yourself into new arenas enough and they become familiar and are no longer foreign. While everyday in a life can present new situations, common things are common. In medicine we say, “When you hear hooves think horses, not zebras.” And so, over time and with years of experience, you can often anticipate what walks through the door. The best way to be faced with something new is to change the building in which you reside…change doors. 

Evolution requires an agilty and an adaptability. You cannot survive pressure or stress without a resiliency. The ability to change situations, pinch hit and succeed makes one remarkable.

I like being outside of my comfort zone. I like challenge. I like putting myself, intentionally, into a new arena. And in the last two days, I have walked a new path. And now I get to add a new slug to my bio: writer. While I have been writing, I may not have comfortably defined myself as a writer….until I am sitting in a room with 20 other strangers and have to instawrite a scene in 10 minutes and read it aloud. And people don’t gag or cringe, not that I expected nausea. But, there is an affirmation when other people whose prose impresses listen to my own rapidly crafted words and seem pleased. This I like.

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