Lite Day

What an easy, light day I have had. I woke this morning to the BBC on NPR. Nice! I made a pot of coffee and giggled about the whole Facebook thread on Barb Black’s FB page that was started by her posting of the random factoid that coffee drinkers have more sex than non-coffee drinkers. And they enjoy it more. And I like me some coffee. In fact, I had made my list of errands for the day and it included going and buying a pound of my favorite coffee at Kitchen & Spice. Coffee was on my To-Do List today.  I am not sure I will ever look at a pot of coffee the same way. I giggled because I made a whole pot. I admit that I dislike drinking coffee alone. Coffee is for sharing……can you see the fun we had with innuendos?

I set about making the cinnamon bread from this recipe with my own little twist. I used dried cherries instead of raisins and I did not make the cinnamon swirl part. I have had to set the dough out on the back porch to rise because the heavy clay mixing bowl is cold from my air conditioned house and the bread rises too slowly inside. Except, this morning it was 68F and the dough didn’t rise in the expected 2 hours. I put the light on in the oven, placed the bowl in the oven and set the time for another hour.

I then did the blog post below. It wasn’t where I was going but is where I ended up. I just let that space flow naturally. I am never quite sure what will come out. I hope it is not too boring.

I then went to the Haile Farmer’s Market. I bought a loaf of red pepper Swiss bread from the Flour Pot bakery vendor and a guava-walnut twist. Yum. I went to the pet store for cat food, Target for some house supplies. I cleaned out the bathroom vanity and cabinets. I covered a orphaned box to organize the spray on suncreen.

I taped and then sprayed my mirror, changing it from gold toned to silver. I watched the second Wallander episode on Netflix DVD. And I piddled around on Vimeo and watched these videos. I did some of the laundry. I can never quite manage to do ALL of the laundry. It is my minor protest. All in all it was a sweet Saturday.

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