If at first you don’t succeed

Few things are more frustrating than making a chocolate cake from scratch and the end result is an epic failure. I made a cake by this recipe and it was a volcanic cake. The charred stalactites hanging from the oven rack attested to the obvious inaccurate recipe proportions. But maybe it was me. Maybe I made it wrong. So I tried again. I used a Bundt pan, so as to give enough room for the cake to rise without a massive lava flow.   But again: FAIL. The cake rose and then collapsed. Grrrr. I went back to the website to post commentary only to discover a cooking fact I did not know. Cocoa and Dutched cocoa are not the same. And if you use regular cocoa, you get a eruption. So, the recipe had an update with new instructions. So, we can now rename this cake from the Awful Chocolate cake to just Chocolate cake. It is a lesson in checking facts and verifying sources.

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