8 Things – Warning signs

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I am doing Magpie Girl’s 8 Things. These are eight things that I should recognize as blaring and glaring sirens that I am not standing in my own power. These are things Helen Keller wouldn’t miss, yet I sometimes have to work my way down this list before I realize I am on thin ice.

1. If I have difficulty going to sleep. I am a fantastic and easy sleeper….once I decide to get my ass up and go get in bed. When I avoid going to bed…alarm #1

2. When I start listening to Clare Bowditch, Ginny Owens, Jose Gonzalez or Alanis Morrissette alarm #2 has sounded.

3. When I watch TV. Mindless channel surfing and watching the Food Network or reruns on USA Network…..alarm #3.

4. I lose my motivation to exercise….GONG #4.

5. If I stop baking and taking things into my staff or sending stuff into school with my kids for the office or their friends…..#5.

6. If I feel drawn to return to playing World of Warcraft. I am not talking about the social play of raid nights when everyone is on vent. If I start thinking about rolling a new toon and leveling up from the Old Kingdon…..#6

7. If I wake in the morning and do not want to get out of bed, when I dread the day and wish to ditch work…..#7

8. When I start crying at commercials for Publix, dog food, Hallmark cards or if I cry while looking at pictures I have hanging up around my house of my two sons……#8

Everyday is a chance to check the batteries in the smoke detectors and make sure I am protected. It is a Zen exercise to be vigilant and practice optimism and hopefulness. I have faith that life moves in the direction in which it is intended.

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