It is early Friday evening and the work week is over. It was a great week. My oldest son had his first full week of high school. He likes his classes and comes home from school and set to his homework. His appetite has increased, too. He ate an entire rack of lamb last night. I attribute this to cross country. He is running 3-5 miles every day. Tomorrow morning he has a 12 miles “scavenger hunt” run. It is all good. He woke this morning and asked for homemade oatmeal. Nothing makes me happier than to have culinary requests.

I am going to make Kugelhoft for breakfast in the morning. I have plans to make spicy mustard, too. I will be putting a rotary blade to my fabric and starting my quilt. I got a Netflix envelope and Covert Affairs on DVR.The weekend looks great. The month is drawing to a close. I have much to be reflective about. First, I will have a cosmopolitan and dinner.

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