Y marks the spot

The universe will give me what is needed. This I believe. I know that I only get what He knows I can handle. This has been, to this point in my life, truth. In the middle of  chaos, one cannot imagine that they have the capacity to endure or overcome. The difference is that we occasionally confuse the path. We think that the end point is destination X, when in reality it is destination Y. We feel like a failure because we cannot get to X. Everyone says X marks the spot. And failing to reach X is a sign of disgrace. Yet…..here I am at Y and I am now fairly certain that THIS place is where I was meant to be. [Listen for the forehead smack] I fought so hard to get to X, practically killed myself in the process. I sacrificed so much, even vital components of myself, like sacred offerings. But over here at Y, a place I shunned and ridiculed, I learn that I am exactly right. While it is not X……New York is not Los Angeles…..Y is it.

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  1. I say… Y not?! All my life (well, almost all), I felt that I didn’t fit in. This explains it. I was trying to live in the wrong part of the dictionary.

    Thank you.

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