Mini trip

I spent the day with my sister, Chrissy and our sons. We took a mini-road trip over to Jacksonville. My little car, Teacake, needed his front passenger eyeball replaced. Gotta love that bumper-to-bumper warranty. Also have to love the dealership giving full tanks of gas when you bring it in for serve. I had the 30,000 mile tune up done. It is about 5,000 miles early, but since I didn’t put the first 12,000 miles on the car, I figured the early tune up was reasonable. We packed into my little sporty car and headed east. We stopped in Starke for breakfast at the new(er) IHOP. After dropping off my car and getting a loaner car, we headed to The St. John’s Town Center. Although it was terribly hot (103F), we had fun going store to store. I got my Super Joann’s fix. We also played at the Apple Store. Chrissy and I oooh and aah-ed at the Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballard Designs, Apostrophe, Coldwater Creek, Chicos, and Williams & Sonoma. The boys liked the Apple store (of course) and the Puma and LaCoste stores. I managed to get away with spending only $15 on three plates at West Elm that I plan to use as decoration in my bedroom. I did get detailed information about the sofa I plan to buy from The Pottery Barn. We also marveled at this chandelier and the risk of having a Peter Seller’s/Inspector Clouseau moment since all the glass links are removable.

The St. John’s river was smooth today, a glorious day to have been on the water, were it not for the 102F temperature and a heat index of nearly 110F. The only rain fell while we were eating lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill. The boys all had bison burgers. Yum. Between the 2x2x2 IHOP morning feast and the Delicious Duo of mini sliders at Ted’s, I am still full. My only mistake was not enough coffee this morning. We picked up my car and headed home. The boys dozed in the back seat while we listened to NPR All Things Considered on the way home.

It still hasn’t rained (at least not for me). The sun is now setting and the sky has that hazy, yellowish hue as if I am wearing hunting glasses. The air is heavy and humid. Tomorrow the prediction is for temperatures approaching 109F. I do not think I have ever been in 109F heat except in a sauna. I had the luxury of jumping into an ice cold pool. The plan tomorrow is to stay indoors and stay cool. It may be a good day to start my new quilt project. In all, it was a great day. I even managed to get to the bank and the grocery store for a few quick groceries including my special-ordered mustard. We are watching old Pink Panther cartoons on Netflix and calling it a night.

In all, it was a lovely day.

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