Sometimes you must accept that you just aren’t smart enough to “get something”. I am absolutely and totally stumped by this word press theme for this damn blog. I must admit I am just piddling around, feigning a true mastery of this forum. All I want to do is display the PARENT categories for my posts. I have meticulously gone trough three years of postings and refiled them and corrected the font conversion gobbledy gook. I am toying with deleting a huge swath of writing. Should you edit with a pencil or a steamroller?

I have opened the theme options and made the changes to the WP parameters and I still display all the SUB-categories. I am thoroughly exasperated. Technology and its accoutrements are the most assured way to make me feel stupid. I can hear the law enforcement officer saying, but it down and step away from the [delete] button.

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