Double Digits

E turns 10 today. TEN. Where has the time gone? His birthday has historically been a grand production because it is sandwiched up against the end of the year and Memorial weekend being so close. This year, timing meant so many of his friends were away with their families or have siblings graduating, that the extravagant party never gelled. So, instead, today becomes a “Yes Day”. Evan gets to have or do pretty much anything (within reason).

So often he will ask, “Can we go to the pool?”

And I say, “Not today.”

Today, he rules. He is the King. If he asks for it, he can pretty much have it.

P.S.S. He wanted to ask a single friend to do a double feature (How to Train a Dragon and Shrek). The friend was unavailable. Although the Google Movies said Dragon was playing at Butler Plaza….it wasn’t. So, we had Moe’s. Saw Shrek. Went to Pet Supermarket and petted all the doggies and kittens. Went to Toys R Us and got a new toy. While returning something at Penneys he got his very own goblet (plastic patio-ware version of the pimp cup). I made his dinner of request: homemade burgers and real French fries in the fryer (a rarity) and a birthday cake (chocolate & chocolate frosting) with Gummy worms and Whoppers. Granny came through with a Toys R Us gift card. I let him fall asleep on the sofa. In all, a very good day.

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  1. oooh How I wish I remembered his cell number so I could call him and tell him to ask for something BIG!! and AWESOME because today is YES Evan day! I LOVE IT!!! LOL

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