Hot & Not

It has been a long time since I posted about what has been hot and what is not. I have been reluctant to propagate something that was originally Claire’s idea. Since Loobylu has been so busy, as are we all, I let it fall by the wayside. But, this week has much to be thankful about and the gratitude far outweighs the gripes.

The Hot Stuff

  • NPR [ National Public Radio]: In general, the programming on NOR is outstanding, provocative and worthy of discussing and sharing. Often it sends me off in search of a new book or piece of music. This week was like an Easter basket filled with treats and goodies. I downloaded Natalie Merchant’s newest music project Leave Your Sleep. It is supposed to be children’s music. Pfft! It is wonderful. There was also this great piece on memory and emotions. Made me think about things. Then there is This American Life….and as a doctor, the whole consideration of hook worms as a therapeutic option was fascinating.
  • Boys came home today and we went out to the property. The project is chugging along. I got Tony Bevour, pronounced beaver, to bush hog the property. I have a genuine lot.

  • Dinner with my colleagues at Liquid Ginger. It was a great meal but the service was mediocre. It is amazing to work with 5 other women, all super smart and very funny. Intelligence makes for the best humor.
  • Oh….and I almost forgot. I received in the mail my newest birds. I bought five watercolors from Gennine. They came wrapped in a tidy package from Mexico. I love them and plan to frame them to put in the new house. I have always decorated with fish and fish motifs. I think I am starting to shift to bird. Check out her stuff.

The Notties

  • POLLEN. It is torture. The very cold, late winter pushed back the spring bloom. Every single blooming species of trees, grass or flowers is actively pollinating right now. My sister called it oak tree sperm. My car looks like a bundt pan that has been greased and floured, with canary yellow dust.
  • Our school, changing the dates for the 8th grade graduation. This is a date that has been on the school’s Google calendar since September. A date that should have been fixed is granite. Nope. It is now on a Thursday evening and not the Monday after. I guess WORKING parents are SOL. Does it not register that we might have schedules and appointments booked weeks, nay MONTHS in advance? And the ceremonies are one the schools campus, so it is not a venue conflict. It is wrong and just one more reason I am so unhappy with the school.
  • Not having time to exercise this week. Too busy and that is a lame excuse. Must try harder.

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