I believe that starfish are magical, supernatural creatures. In plain view to the human eye, a starfish will regenerate a severed limb. In truth, as long as a segment of the core structure of a starfish is retained, the entire fish will regrow. True that for a while, as it is regrowing, it will look deformed and imperfect, but eventually….over time….its previous injuries are imperceptible. Is it significant that the starfish had once been so damaged? Isn’t there some degree of elevated wonder at the starfish the HAS regenerated as opposed the the starfish that CAN regenerate. Not all species have this capacity. It is true that lizards can regrow their tails….but they can also live without their tails. But a starfish….left missing a limb, that manages to survive hunger, immobility and also escapes predators or harsh conditions….that starfish is truly magical. And what Creator conceived of such a creature, so hearty and spectacular that it could regrow half of itself?

So, something or someone severs half of you away. They slice off your arm or leg. You are handicapped, impaired, lost, trapped….but all that is needed is a bit of shelter, a bit of luck and TIME. Just simply wait and know that built within your DNA is this supernatural ability to regrow the lost parts. It happens without effort. It happens just BECAUSE it is how you are built, how you were designed, how you were intended. Some may wish to be starfish, but in honesty, few can survive losing HALF of themselves. No one welcomes such destruction. But having faith and foreknowledge, knowing that it was intended to survive even near total devastation, the starfish prevails. Just have faith and wait. Time is a magical tincture.

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