Penciling in time

On the eve of a new work week, it is a reflective time. I review my calendar and appointments. I update my checkbook. I have my groceries done. I have my wardrobe ready for the week. I have time and schedules visualized in my head. All of this lend itself to living somewhat, in the future. When you organize your time around what is planned for in the week, where you have to go and what needs to be completed, you cease living in THIS moment. It is not possible to live 100% of the time in “the moment”. If you have a job, a home to run, children and any other commitments, you HAVE to plan ahead and budget time to get it all done. It also means scheduling fun and leisure time. It seems comical to think you can pencil in a block of time to “have fun”. Fun, at its very core, is best when it is spontaneous. Let me look at my schedule and see when I can “be spontaneous”.

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