Happy Lists

I loved 22Twelve’s lists. Anna’s blog is lovely. She shared a few lists today that I enjoyed and felt I could easily replicate. I am a shameless copycat.

Things I have or did this week because I am a foodie:

  • I eagerly shopped at Sur La Table and bought 10 inch round, deep cake pans to retry baking the perfect yellow cake from scratch. First pass percolated over the edges and into the bottom of my oven.
  • I ordered 6 jars of Grated Ginger from The Ginger People and added their Facebook fan page.
  • I made coffee cubes…frozen left over coffee for iced coffee.
  • I had 20 oz of high quality bittersweet chocolate to chop and make ganache for the cake.
  • I bought a half bushel of Clementines.

I wish I had a lietime supply of:

  • Diet Dr. Brown’s black cherry cola
  • American Spoon Foods Dried Tart Cherries
  • Grated ginger (note above)
  • pecans
  • fresh sweet potatoes

Trees or plants that will definitely be planted on my property, maybe before the house is built

  • pecan trees
  • figs, blueberries, satsumas, loquats, sand pears
  • American elms
  • redbud trees
  • repeat blooming daylilies
  • dogwood
  • rosemary
  • monkey grass…..in massive quantities

I am adding a new section to the blog this weekend and linking a new Flickr account so that I can add a continual photo array of the building project.

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