The real thing

I look at my blog stats and I have to be thankful for the Russian spammers. They make the site visits so much higher. It is like sugar free, fat free cookies, empty and worthless, but we eat them anyways. We willingly accept falsehoods and trickery; we trick ourselves. And we play along with the charade to what end? The facade and the appearance of things? For it is how things appear that matter, correct? Watch the fancy cake cooking shows on the Food Network. Those cakes are lovely to look at but the actual CAKE is stiff, stale and basically foundational support for the frosting. Too often, life imitates art.

In the coming year, I want to eat cake, but I want a dense, rich, moist cake full of flavor. It should have many layers with filling. It should be made with the freshest ingredients. Life iis meant to be savored. It is meant to be shared. It should be substantial. No fake food. No artificial flavors.

There are so many pressures to follow the mainstream. It is just sad that the mainstream is pre-fabricated, artificial, pre-packaged mimickry. A Lean Cuisine is not real food. A Hot Pocket is a lie. It may be quick. It may fill the empty hole of hungriness, but it is a trick. It is just as easy to make a PB&J. Add an apple or a portable banana. Its healthier and I guarantee it is less expensive.

Real food is not hard. A real life isn’t either.

For this New Year’s Eve, the boys and I are going to bake a real cake, from scratch. [See photos above]

P.S.   So, we made this cake. It bubbled over the edges all over the inside of my stove. It needed to be cleaned anyways. Ultimately, the cake is wonderful. It is frosted and waiting to be consumed.

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