Hot & Not Wednesday

Inspiration is found in the oddest of places and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am a Wednesday child; and yet, it is my favorite day of the week. Wednesday means I am halfway through my work week. It is the day the boys come back to me. It is the day I address all those administrative issues with my office. Wednesday is a flexible day, it is not pressed up against Saturday, it is not looking out over the coming Monday. It is also the day of gratitude. The Wednesday Ring Around The Rosie, joining these other writers in this weekly exercise.

Hot stuff

The best thing about Wednesday is that my sons come back. The shared parenting agreement with their father gives me every Wednesday and Thursday and we swap weekends. The boys get both parents equal time. The system we have in place is good. We live close enough to each other that the boys’ routine does not change much. My youngest told renamed the custody agreement to the “parenting agreement”. What a smart boy and a thinker! It is a great day when you can see a child’s light bulb glaring brightly with great ideas.

I put my Christmas tree up last night in anticipation of decorating it tonight…a very good thing.

Susan Minot poetry. In fact, poetry is a new place for me. It is a foreign language I am learning to appreciate.

Resourcefulness is a skill. I want to decorate for the holidays and I am starting to dig through all my stored craft items and supplies. I figure a few paper chains and and made ornaments will be a way to make room for new crafty supply purchases. I can’t justify buying more just to stack in the closet.

Crock pots: I put a rich, tomato-y meat sauce in my Crock pot for tonight’s dinner. It will be ready for us upon arrival tonight with a terrible winter storm on our heels.

DVR: How great was it to watch the recorded episode of Lie to Me from Monday night instead of the Presidential address and all the talking heads. I will get my information about sending 30K more American soldiers to Afghanistan in the paper or

Surprises. I love them. An unexpectecd card. My Secret Santa at work. The UPS man with a box addressed to me. An expected gift is not a gift worth giving OR receiving. I also love surprising others.

Not so much

Being hamstringed by technology or mechanical equipment. There are few things more frustrating to me than being unable to get something to work. A DVD player, the new version of Picasa, my gas fireplace, the 3 branches of Christmas tree lights that won’t turn on……totally annoying.

Too many leftovers: If there are fewer than 4 ADULT eaters for Thanksgiving, then I will make reservations. I cooked too much and have too many leftovers.

Retail therapy. I am on a frugality bender so it really sucks to have the manic desire to shop. There is a store closing sale at Joann’s that gave me an appetizer of shopping last night. Good thing everything is 50% off.

Bad eather means I can’t walk at the track. Walking is my exercise and there is a 70% chance of rain today. Couple the rain with the nagging urge to shop and I might need an intervention.

Thanks, Claire for getting me to stop and think about the GOOD stuff. Also, writing down a fixed list of BAD stuff makes me realize…the bad is really minor and totally trumped by the good.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Lisa! I’m also a fan of Lie to Me — and caught it later in the week (on Hulu), as well, since the public radio coverage of the president’s address is MORE than enough!

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