Wikipedia Wednesday and this is what I learn: Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Wednesday is Pooh’s blustery day. The Romans named the third day of the week after Mercury. The Vikings named it for Odin, some Nordic god. Wednesday is the day for Loobylu’s What’s Hot and What’s Not. The exercise makes me pause and think. What was good today? What was bad? Today was generally NOT a good day. Despite this being the day my son’s come back to me, I was too overbooked. The pace of the day was overwhelming. There was not a spare 5 minutes anywhere. Then, someone throws sand in my eyes. So, I sit here, forcing myself to PAUSE and list what was HOT. The list of what is NOT is easy.

Some like it HOT……

  • Quirky music: Pink Martini, Peaches(raunchy and totally distasteful, but made me laugh), Thievery Corporation. Also, Harper Simon’s album is undeniably Paul Simon part deux.
  • Corn pudding, sweet potato souffle, stuffing, yeast rolls, sweet potato biscuits, spinach balls…..and all things carbohydrate in the planning for Thanksgiving, which is my most favorite holiday.
  • Reworking the time line of my book.It is like carving a huge piece of stone and slowing watching the vision emerge. It may end up looking like that clay blob of an ash tray I made in 5th grade Art class. No matter.
  • Having friends that are truly amazing: riotously funny, crack the whip smart, with sarcasm as a superpower, who give great hugs, keep great company and have a laser beam cross hair for Loserss

The Not So Hot

  • Being too tightly budgeted for time.
  • Missing the passing of the gavel and the Kegger at Joe’s.
  • Promising myself that I would never use this space for ranting or raving. Somedays are meant for duct tape.

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