Step Over

Would you go bungee jumping? Would you go sky diving or hang gliding? Is it something you do solo with a hired instructor or does it require an audience, a cheerleader? Do I get credit for the endeavor if no one stands witness? Are there things in this life you want desperately to do, dream about doing? Am I brave enough to do those things? Could I step out of the lunar module onto the surface of the moon? After all the preparation, sacrifice and risk taking to be on the edge of something….but be terrified. Is it courage I require? Or is it a crazy abandon to JUMP! Once I jump, I will likely be exhilarated and absolutely stoked……wanting to do it again. But…it is that first step, that tiny step OVER the threshold that is the most frightening. Breathe. Pause. Savor. Step. One small step.

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