Making a new home

For my whole life, I have always had a pet, with the exception of a failed attempt with a hamster in Letts Hall. Except for college, I have always had a cat. When I moved last August, I could not bring my “boyfriend” with me. Gumbo, a monster orange tabby, was a beast of a cat with a strong affinity for me but who was accustom to the predatory outdoor life. He could not adjust to “garden home” living, which means locked indoors. Personally, I think cats should be free range but rules are rules. So, boyfriend went back to his other home and I have lives sans cat.

Until yesterday.

Craig’s list is a wonderful thing. Free cats. No forms. No background checks and pledges of perpetual PETA membership. We now have 2 TINY kittens.


Dagney Taggert is the grey tabby and Caprica 6 is the tortoiseshell. We’re pretty certain they are both females, but, honestly, their “parts” and “bits” are very small and ambiguous. We have back-up names: Hank Riordan or Admiral Adama.

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