Gratitude brings positivity. For what am I grateful? How can my brain formulate gratitude for all that I should and must give thanks? Are there words enough? Fortunately, feelings are an infinite commodity. I can feel love forever. I can feel thankfulness until infinity. I cannot expend my pleasure or exhaust my awe. But negative emotions can exhaust us. The dark side of all the infinite emotions are equally infinite. There is real risk to be forever trapped in hatred or malevolence. The wheels of scorn or jealousy can trap one for an eternity. The difference is that the dark emotions consume us while the light emotions rebuild us and rejuvenate us. The emotions that spring from lightness and hope resurrect us and carry us onward without fatigue.

I wish to live in a positive space. I wish for a cloud of lightness and air. I want to forever fold and refold myself back on the point that both halves me and doubles me. It is a mystery how one can contract and grow simultaneously. Like a catepillar that morphs into a moth or butterfly…it must first contract and lie dormant before it can emerge transformed.

Life is beauty. Life transforms death and recycles the energy into new life. The forever cycle of energy and light rebuilds and returns us to hope. Life is love.  I shall love.

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