I put the Battlestar Galatica  disc on the DVD player and then set about making my dinner. I forget to start the DVD until I hear the loop of music at the beginning playing over and over again. At first, I don’t care, but I eventually get a bit annoyed by this 25 sec of music playing over and over and over. Alright already! Just start the frickin disc!

I recently sent an email to my writing professor with some questions about the story I am writing. I am basically whining about having lost my way. I am looking for his encouragement and affirmation. Wah wah wah! My professor’s elegant response boiled down to this:

Stop pissing around, please.

It was a not so gentle smack. Shit or get off the pot, Miss Lisa. If you have something to say….say it. If you have something to do….do it. If you feel the urge to act…..then act. Stop hedging. Stop whining. Stop making excuses. I have no more free passes. I get no more special considerations. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Write! Nothing compares to an octogenarian Hungarian, survivor of WWII and BOTH of the German and Russian occupations telling me to stop being a baby and do what I am gifted to do. I am supposed to step outside my neat and tidy comfort zone and expand, become, experiment and develop. I accept his demands.

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