There are few things as delicious as a good book. Actually, my pleasure is less the book than in the reading. I love immersion. I love getting lost in the story, the character, the plots. I love closing my eyes and seeing the words transform into images. On the inside of my eyelids, I see the story unfold. I love how time falls away and my perception of my reality ends. I am inside another realm, inside another head, seeing through another’s eyes, hearing another’s voice. I understand their fears, their motivations, their desires. I forget myself. I forget time and trials and burdens. I am very good at predicting outcomes and see the plot development. It is a special author who can keep hidden until the very end their plot twists, their villian’s identity, the secret. I love the gasping moment when I am fooled, when I have missed a vital clue and been misled.

The biggest problem is that each story ends. I real so quickly and with such intensity, that I devour books. I will crack the spine on this new one and fold up into my reading chair.

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