Sometimes I let myself get too hungry. I delay eating or I get busy and forget to eat. Mind you, I am lover of food. I am a picky eater, though. I am adventurous but particular. I watched Jeff Corwin’s new show on the Food Network, called Extreme Eating. Not for me. I could not eating live jumping shrimp Larb, even knowing it is a Thai delicacy. If I am eating another creature, it better be dead.

But I got too hungry today and that is never good. Hunger makes me loopy or cranky. Extreme hunger causes hypoglycemia, which my brain, in particular, dislikes. If I push it too long, the hypoglycemia kicks off a pretty interesting adrenaline response. And then I faint. The good news is I can tell when it might happen. The bad news….I am as likely to faint now over 40 as I was at 12.

Now, I am not a shrinking violet in any way. But…general system shut down is pretty impressive. I had the humiliating misfortune of once fainting in an exam room with a patient. Crashed into the exam table. Face vs floor….floor wins. I was glad not to loose any teeth and come away with a minor facial laceration. Best part…Vicky remains a patient.

So, I eat Clif Bars for breakfast with my dozen bite sized “dried plums”. I scoffed away the peanut contamination fears….basically because I knew I was never likely to give up the Jif. And cheese…thank god my total cholesterol is like 130. I can forgo donuts, ice cream even chocolate but I know better than to eat a diet low in protein. I wish never to repeat the TIMBER!!!! event with my head or face ever again. The best method to stave off the hypoglycemia is the “shot” I do before bedtime…..


A dark Dove chocolate square in a spoon of Jif.