Merry Christmas

Evan creeps into my room at 4:32am.

“Mommy, can we do presents now?” I was suprised he made it through the night. I convinced him that it was too early and to go back to sleep. We snuggled up and were fast asleep until Cameron came in at 6:33.

“Cameron, were there presents?” Cameron grunted and crawled into bed too. He didn’t even notice. They let me make a pot of coffee, praise God.

All gifts were unwrapped by 7:05am. Now they are playing with them and eating bacon. Evan got Bionicles, LEGOS and the Ben 10 Creature Creation Chamber……let me just say…..PARTS. Cam is in that in between age where “toys” are not so interesting. He is playing DaBlob at the moment….and getting frustrated.

Christmas was a really magical time when I was little. All week patients have shared with me their childhood memories. People were much more nostalgic than in past years. In the past, they talked about what they needed to buy still. This year they reminecsed about certain toys or traditions. They recalled the silly things their mothers’ did to “trick” then into believing in Santa. It was delightful to see grown men and women get that childlike twinkle in their eyes remembering their stockings or the “reindeer” paw prints on the fireplace or sneaking to check out their “piles”.

My sisters and I had “sides”. We each got a side of the tree. Santa propped his loot for display and impact. Gifts from Granny of our parents were wrapped. This year, Santa wrapped his stuff. The boys had more to open and that was cool. Now we get to be lazy.

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