Some days I am faced with such absurdity. Illogical and incongruous. I cannot make sense of things and my organized brain screams.

We, as a country and globe, are facing one of the greatest economic crisis. Now this is not the kind of crisis equivalent to tanks rolling into Poland or trains chugging down tracks to Auschwitz. But, unlike those crisis, where people could turn away and think that they were not really involved….this crisis hits us all. So, the automakers are crying that they need a bailout. Wait! These are the same guys who have continued to build uber huge extend cab Surburbans that seat 12 and get 12miles to the gallon. In opposition to the evidence about global warming, they waited to shift gears to more energy efficient and less costly cars AFTER gas approached $5/gallon. Whoops! So…now we, who were spoon fed the marketing blitz to buy BIG and live LARGE…are going to bail them out? Hello!Scrap the SUV line completely. Regulate yourselves! Don’t force the government to parent corporate America. When did corporate America turn into a bunch of pansies? Where are the inventors? Where are the mavericks? The people who had a fantastic ideas and managed to CREATE a cotton gin or a piston engine or a personal computer. What gives, people. Are we all mush heads? THINK! You can’t whine your way to a solution. And if you are too stupid to think, then put your shoulder against the machine of labor and WORK. Work. Clean your house. Clean your yard. Have some pride. And stop asking for hand outs. Corporate America is the new “homeless” guy begging on the corner for change that actually live in suburbia and “earns” $80,000 in change. He is clever, but damn!…..use that cleverness to do something REAL.

More news of the weird: Texas freed a truly crazy woman after they locked her up for 3 years. She killed her 10 month old baby…..by cutting off her ARMS. Hello!!! This woman is still crazy! And I ain’t talking garden variety depression or anxiety. This woman is certifiable. There is some fundamental disconnect for infanticide and while jail isn’t the appropriate place for someone with mental illness. Having someone so absolutely unhinged out in the general population is unreal!

And if Rev. Billy Graham was retiring from his role as America’s pastor, couldn’t he had made that statement BEFORE the election. I want to believe the timing is coincidental. I believe Rev. Graham to be one of the holiest and honorable men in American clergy. He is a true Christian soldier. If not specifically President Elect Barack Obama, then the idea that the mountain in Dr. King’s dream has been reached….at least by one man. Forget the man and just consider the task. Hello! This announcement smacks of politics that is uncommon for Rev. Graham.

Then we get to the people proported to be running out and buying guns because they fear our new president is going to confiscate their weapons. Hello!!! How do they connect these dots? A run on guns? Not milk. Not gasoline. Not bread. Guns. They anticipate the president inacting martial law and sending the local police out into our homes to confiscate all our weapons. Like the local police would listen to the federal government…..was anyone watching during Hurricane Katrina?

Then on the local front, our county is owed BACK TAXES from this one business to the tune of $420,000. The taxes are from 2 years ago. TWO years. And who says government cannot act swiftly.? Are we governed by a herd of turtles? I fail to pay my taxes for 1 month and Uncle Sam is knocking. Why, why why would our county tolerate this? Regulate yourselves. PAY your own way and follow the law. Or, take your medicine when the government slaps you with fines (for more money that we already know your don’t have) or padlock your property (so you can’t earn any money to pay your taxes) or take your property…..so the county can auction it? Hello!! What am I missing here?

And lastly, some school board member exposes himself to an undercover agent at our local community college….and he get COMMUNITY SERVICE. Hello!! He is an ADULT flashing his privates to another person. Charge him. Give him a record! Nope…his poor family is embarrassed. What!? How does not charging HIM save them any shame? It’s in the damn paper! And he works for the school board. Can anyone say….children….public display of genitals? I want him on a list somewhere!!

OK….we have jump down the hole with the Mad Hatter apparently. Welcome to the tea party.

And can someone cancel my newspaper subscription?

2 thoughts on “Hello!!!”

  1. Doc, I am so on your side with this one! Let’s help everyone by holding them accountable first! I learn my lessons best by suffering when I do wrong or act stupidly and by rejoicing when I make successes. I don’t remember GM or Exxon Mobil ever sending me a free ride with a tank of gas. I didn’t expect it. Now what are these institutions going to expect? Oh wait, I think I can guess. Thanks for being willing to be “out there.”

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