Keeping company

Infrequently, I feel lonely. I am usually surrounded by people. My environments are usually noisy and busy. My staff thinks I have bionic hearing because I can hear conversations happening way out in the lobby. My kids think I have super powers. So, when the house is empty except for me, it is silent.

Some people feel compelled to fill the silent spaces in their lives. They keep a TV turned on. They have a radio playing. They read books and fill their minds with the voices of fiction. They stuff their ear buds and spin up the iPod dial. They sign onto their email accounts or blogs (lol). They play an online games. They avoid the internal landscape of their minds.

I actually try to just be silent. It is an uncomfortable place.

 I was thinking that God is in that silence. I try to to chat Him up. I try not to blather along about my problems. I refrain from petitioning Him for assistance or understanding. I hesitating asking for knowledge or wisdom. Instead, I try to just be still. I think about sitting and silently sipping tea or coffee. To be still and silent in His presence lets me settle into the creation of me. It eliminates distractions that lead me astray from His desires for me.

I am going to se still. Be silent. And just listen.

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