Estrogen City

On the last day of my escape vacation, I spent some time at the community pool. It was estrogen central. A group of women, all from the same family, visiting and vacationing together. They were obviously having fun. Sisters, sister-in-law, cousins, mothers and mothers-in-law. As it approached the cocktail hours (with faint echoes of Jimmy Buffet in the background), they got more sociable. They were waiting for “Baby” to bring the margaritas. Baby turned out to be the “little sister” and she must have been around 50. And she showed up with a pitcher of iced margaritas and I took that as a signal to clear the space for this very intimate family gathering. I walked to the Eastern Lake Nursery and bought a parting gift for my mother and sisters and came back the house and made myself a Cosmo. I love my Momma and my sisters. I was imagining a day when my mother, her sister, my two sisters, my cousins and my nieces might gather for such an estrogen filled weekend. Eating, cooking, sleeping, reading, floating in the ocean, drinking margaritas and shopping. Glorious. I love the women in my life.

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