Mostly, when a person says they have plenty, they mean enough. The true definition of the word PLENTY is quite different. Enough means you have just the right amount. But, plenty means a luxurious, extravagnat amount. Hidden inside this common word…..a word commonly misused…is this context. Plenty is like a double secret agent. It disguises itself as something ordinary when it is actually ABUNDANCE. What things is life are abundant? What things in this world are extravagant? A mother’s love for her child….or a father’s love for his child….is extravagant. Or….it should be. When you realize a child is flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone then you understand abundance. Inside that love, in the shimmering glory of the love we feel for our children, is the glimpse of True Glory: God’s love. I think the word plenty is perfect. It is just plenty.

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