Piece Meal

This is my new project.

 Piecing the quilt

I spent most of the day cutting, piecing, ironing and piecing some more. I have  to cut 72 more of the 4 patch blocks tomorrow and then I can start putting the 8 inch squares together. Once the squares are together, then the rows are sewn and the quilt top is finished. I saw this quilt pattern in Tennessee while visiting my sister. She has a lovely quilt store there. These fabrics and this color scheme are unlike anything I have ever sewn before. I usually select brighter fabrics, vivid colors, batiks. These darker, warmer, earthier colors are not my typical scheme. They were not companion prints so I thought it was interesting that the green has a corn stalk and the print has ornamental cabbages. It makes me think of hills and forests and the late fall season. It looks like this will be a very snuggly quilt.

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