Marvelous space

I don’t mean to bogart things from other blogs I read, but I LOVE this house.

I once had a dream of building a custom home. “The House” I have always called it. I still have a file folder tucked away with clippings from magazines of rooms, images, fixtures, decorating ideas and simple flair. A certain drawer pull, a wall lamp, a rain down spout, a walkway, a roof line. I still clip them, but far less often. I think I am too old to ever have a custom home, an “art home”. I don’t mean building a home in a development that lets me pick my custom countertops and bathroom fixtures. I mean a house I design to go on a particular piece of land that is in unison or compliment to the environment. It is surrounded by trees (either previously there or planted by me). It is a lovely dream.

I am thankful for pictures of this woman’s home. I get to see inside somone else’s vision, and see the fruition of their dream. It does not seem like an extravagant home. It seems like a purely livable, comfortable, fluid home. It is a piece of art.

Check out the blog for the woman who lives in that house, too.

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