Fourteen Days

What would you do if you had only TWO WEEKS to live. Yesterday, a close friend got a call from one of her close friends. Her husband had simply dropped dead. It was not a total surprise, he had been having strange headaches and had a few other bizarre and peculiar symptoms. He was 37 and otherwise healthy with 2 tween age children. He went to the doctor, who ordered an MRI.

TWELVE lesions in his brain. Metastatic cancer.

“You have 2 weeks,” the doctor said.


As we sat talking and tearful at the end of the work day, we all agreed to go home and consider what each of us might do if we had only 2 weeks. What would you do if you KNEW you had 2 weeks? Would you go to Mecca, making that pilgramage for your soul? To whom would you feel compelled to reconcile or makes amends? Who would you want surrounding you?

Two weeks.  Fourteen days. Fourteen mornings, fourteen nights. Fourteen bedtime stories. Forty two meals.

This man died 10 days after getting his diagnosis.

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