Where does creativity come from? Is everyone capable of creativity? I get stuck in the wrong side of my brain for far too long….years even….and I am finally motivated and compelled to get into the left side of my brain, which is the right side of my brain. Does this remind anyone else of Abbott and Costello?

Creativity can take many forms. Drawing, painting, gardening, baking, sewing, writing, singing, movement, decorating. How is it possible to get through a day without creating something. Art can be folded into everything we do. Everyday, I make my sandwich on cranberry walnut bread. I spread it with this homemade spicy mustard. I pile high sliced roasted chicken and Swiss. Sure, I could slap it on white bread with cheap yellow mustard, but I like how the sandwich looks and how it tastes. Does it require more energy to think up this avant garde sandwich? Sure does, and I am happy to spend some brain cells on this whimsy and silliness. 4 hours later, I get to stare at my lunch and admire it. Then I eat my little artistic lunch creation. And I smile like the Cheshire cat.

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