Flying time

The boys and I are in Tennessee. I have never been to Tennessee. My sister, Deb and her family live in Clarksville. It is funny (and maybe even a little freaky) how connected people really are. Clarksville is home to Fort Campbell army base. This base and the town of Clarksville are memorialized in the song by the Monkey’s The Last Train to Clarksville. I did not remember this song until going to iTunes and listening to it. So odd how a song can be so ingrained in your memory, yet you do not know what the song is truly about. The boys are hangin’ with their BIG cousins. Cameron is in heaven playing Halo1, Halo2 and Halo3. Evan is thrilled to have a house with knickknacks and pocket sized stuff to pick through. He is a treasure hunter and this place is like a pirate’s cove.

All the boys, my brother-in-law John included, are going to the flight simulators on the base today. Testosterone. Then they get to go to the commissary.

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