Cookies are divine. Cookies are a big deal in my house. Cookies were a big deal though out my childhood. I am not a fan of “store bought” cookies. I like an occasional Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milano. I also like sugar wafers. I think that mostly my love of sugar wafers are because they were my mom’s favorite, special cookie. She hid them and they were “off limits” to us girls. My mom was fairly tolerant of us baking cookies as children. Cookies were the stepping stone for other baking and later cooking. My dad got experimented on and ate lots of not-so-good cookies.

March in my neck of the woods is Girl Scout Cookie time. MInd you, I sold these cookies as a little girl. My sisters did too. We walked around the block with a red wagon full of cookies, going door to door. Now, the cookies cost $3.50 a box! I must admit, I ordered 10 boxes. I actually have half a box of thin mints in my freezer from last year. My favorite is the Tagalong. When I was pregnant with Evan, I calculated that a WHOLE box of Tagalongs was fewer calories than a Whopper and fries. It seemed like a fair trade and a reasonable meal choice. I would never eat a Whopper but that was not the issue. So…now I wait for little Emily to bring me my cookies.

I want my cookies!!

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