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There are some things in life you can easily take for granted. There are things you can easily forget that you enjoy or love dearly. Silly things. Inconsequential things. I like carbonation. There are few things as delightful as an ice cold CAN of soda. I am a little particular about soda. I like Diet Coke. I also like Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Gingerale. Iced cold and poured over ice. I bet my dear husband knows how many ice cubes. My sisters may too. There is a definite ice to soda ratio. It also matters what kind of glass you drink it from. I just like the carbonation. What a silly thing. Someone very silly managed to alter the course of modern beverages with the idea of bubbles. Sheer fun in a can.



  1. Yea, that would be 4, maybe 5 depending on the size and shape of the cube. You like short small ones, never tall or hi-balls. We have small wine and larger water ones with stems that are also ok. But it has to be a specific thickness. Oh, you also enjoy baby cokes served in the one you got from your granny. And right, you will NEVER drink from a 2-liter plastic bottle.

  2. You got it Hunny! That little glass was my Granny’s. I actually think it was a party favor for the Pierettes Mardis Gras ball. And you are right…..single serving containers for soda… plastic bottles. Your Pop liked carbonation, too. I remember all those seltzer bottles at the Grove House.

  3. yea, I remember Pop had the Seltzer DELIVERED…directly to the house. Can you beleive that? I can hear his voice now… “Would you like some S E L T Z E R ….” in his deep brooklyn accent ;>


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