When we feel indignant and wish to express our opposition, we usually raise our voices. We assume a posture of conflict and confrontation. The ability to hear another in this negatively charged encounter is greatly diminished. We limit our success and the possibility anyone will hear us much less take our opinion to heart. It is human nature to be contrary.

Only out of love can we touch another’s heart. Only through kind words can we make a connection and be heard. We can chose beauty to reach into another person’s heart.

Whether he meant it or not, this morning a man named Grazio Checcini did something that truly captures the spirit of love in the face of opposition. As an act of protest he released a half million bounce house balls down the Spanish Steps in Rome. He said each ball represented a lie told by a politician. A lie represented by a bright, cheerful plastic ball. They flowed over and down the steps filling the “La Barcaccia” or the Trevi Fountain. A tourist was interviewed saying that Italians even found a way to turn political protests into a work of art. It is stunning. It was not hateful or malicious. To me it seems this man’s heart is full of love and joy, even in the middle of his complaints.

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  1. Lisa
    I love your heart, it is beautiful. There is always a reason for the cloud. Rain is beautiful too! Loved it! Great start to my day. :)

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