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What a riot

I stumbled upon this new kind of chocolate, Sweetriot. I stopped at Dorn’s on Friday evening on my way home from work. We needed mind-eraser, better known as Cointreau, for Cosmopolitans. I had stopped at Northwest Seafood for a few stonecrab claws. I popped into The Fresh Market for fresh cut roses, tomatoes, cheese, fresh linguine and a loaf of sour dough. At Dorn’s there was a delightful woman, named Mary sampling this chocolate covered cacao nib. OMG! This is a heavenly thing….crunchy, super chocolatety, intense and velvety. I bought 3 tins. The woman behind this is clever and original. I am hooked.

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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet post! Mary is my sister, and I founded and run the company in NYC. We love new rioters. :)

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