Preformed thought

Some minds are greater than most. Original thinkers and paradigm shifters trigger historical change. They birth movements and revolutions out of ideas, words or sound. Change is the consequence of a physical event. If not for these original minds, human existence would have drudged along in a linear path. Instead, the protagonists and provocateurs, with their unique minds, create diversions. They detour movement, derail momentum, they add force and energy changing the intended direction. Original thoughts like personal ownership of property, literacy for the common man, classical French cuisine, the sun as the center of our universe, the Bill of Rights, rock and roll….too many to consider.

Each of these things has a POINT of origin. They had to come from a single thought froma  single person. Like a crucible, time allowed thoughts to germinate and from that incubation came something NEW. Imagine a man sitting around with his with friends and bouncing off an idea about a republic, a country of the people. The seeds are sown. Then other minds pick up the idea and add their collaborative energy. Creation is cooperative. Even with artists, composers or writers, the audience contributes.

Some minds capture elaborate, nearly complete, fully-formed ideas or thoughts. Sameual Taylor Coleridge wrote Kubla Khan in one long stream of consciousness from an opium haze. I think of Mickey Hart and the drum space in Grateful Dead songs. This fluid creation comes from a universal source, like they tapped into the amp of the Creator.

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